Appraisals & Evaluations

A panel (above) comprising Vishaish Uppal, Arvind Kejriwal, Sejal Worah, and Shekhar Singh conducting a public hearing at Prini, as part of the assessment of the proposed Allain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh., 2004. A view (below) of the mountains from Prini village.

Much of my work as a researcher, activist, and general busybody, involved appraising proposed activities and projects, and evaluating ongoing and completed ones. That is why many of the documents located under other heads in this collection, like “Large Dams”, “Andaman & Nicobar Islands”, and the sub heads of “Biodiversity” and “Forests”, under the head “Environment & Forests”, also contain material related to appraisal and evaluation, and to get a comprehensive picture they should also be looked at.

Apart from occasional invitation to help appraise or evaluate projects and activities, specifically I chaired the environmental appraisal committee of the ministry of environment and forests, Government of India, for thermal power projects, and was a member of the appraisal committee for river valley projects. I am a member of the narmada control authority’s (NCA) environmental sub group (ESG), and, in this capacity, have been both appraising proposed, and evaluating ongoing, and completed segments, of the Narmada project, involving many large, medium and small dams across three states of India.

I also had the opportunity, in early 1990s, of setting up and heading the environment and forest division of the planning commission of India. One of the important responsibilities of this division was to appraise the proposed large government investments across the country in terms of their impact on forests and the environment. It then decided whether to approve, modify and approve, or disapprove them. The planning commission also evaluated, on a sample basis, completed projects and activities

Shekhar Singh

Documents under Appraisal and Evaluation

1986 – Health Care and Family Welfare Project, Tamil Nadu, India – Final Evaluation Report

1992 – Environmental Sustainability and Industrial Development

1993 – Social and Environmental Impacts of Power Projectst

1998 – Environmental Issues in the Energy Sector

1998 – Dams, Conditional Environmental Clearances and the Pari-Passu Clause

1999 – GEF ops4 – Comments of the Senior Independent Evaluation Advisors

2000-Interim Assessment of Biodiversity Enabling Activities

2001 – Biodiversity Programme Study

2003-Linking of Rivers – Submission to Prime Minister

2007- Report of the Planning Commission Task Force on EIAs

2011-Evolution and Implementation of Environmental Policy in India – Performance of the Congress Led National Governments in India

2016 – Turning Policy into Law – A New Initiative on Social Impact Assessment in India

2017 – Environmental and Social-Safeguards in India – A Critical Assessment

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