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Most of the documents on this website which relate to wildlife conservation, to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, to appraisal and evaluation, or to large dams, could be classified under the broad head of “environment and forests”. However, they have been segregated into their own cubby holes, keeping In mind the specialised interests of many of the potential visitors to this site.

The 1990s were a period when the Government of India was engaged, in a big way, at trying to develop new programmes for different aspects of environment and forest conservation, and to raise both domestic and international funds for the purpose. Towards this end, there was much demand for inputs into the national planning process and many of the documents featured here are essentially an effort to provide such an input.

There was also a need to design programmes and projects for international support, especially through the Global Environment Facility and the World bank and its initiatives relating to the development of the NBSAP (National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans, or “Action Programmes” , as they were known in India). Therefore, many of the documents of the 1990s and the early 2000s were designed to inform and influence the thinking of the Indian Government and to assist in the formulation of their policies and plans. Some were also designed to help seek international financial support. These inputs were mostly solicited by the Government of India and the cost of research supported by them directly, or with the help of international agencies like the UNDP.

Shekhar Singh

Documents under Environment & Forests

1981-Land and Water Policy for India

1984 – Environmental Policy in India

1985 – Some Aspects of the Ecological Crisis in India

1989 – Global Environmental Debate

1992-Legal Provisions Relating to Biodiversity Conservation in India

1997-The Gang of Four

1999 – Sovereignity, Equity and the Global Environment

2000 – Environmental Conservation Laws in India

2002-Policy and Planning for Ecological Security

2003 – Interlinking of Rivers – Booklet

2003-Linking of Rivers – Submission to Prime Minister

2006 – Transparency and the Natural Environment

2007 – Environmental Security

2008- Caring for the Earth : Conserving Our Environment While Meeting Our Economic Needs

2008 – Towards a Social Charter for the Environment

2011-Evolution and Implementation of Environmental Policy in India – Performance of the Congress Led National Governments in India

2022-Traditional Indian Strategies for Environmental Conservation


Documents under Environment & Forests – Biodiversity

1992-Legal Provisions Relating to Biodiversity Conservation in India

1993 – Biodiversity Conservation in India

1994-Institutional Support for the Protection of East African Biodiversity

1995-Conserving Biodiversity

1995 – Human Population, Biodiversity & Protected Areas- Science & Policy Issues

1999 – GEF ops4 – Comments by R. Picciotto & Shekhar Singh

1999 – GEF ops4 – Comments of the Senior Independent Evaluation Advisors

1999 – Protecting Biodiversity Under the Wildlife Protected Area System in India: A Status Report

1999 – Biodiversity Enabling Activities: India Case Study

2000- Strengthening Conservation Cultures-Local Communities & Biodiversity Conservation

2000-Interim Assessment of Biodiversity Enabling Activities

2000 – Setting Biodiversity Conservation Priorities for India – Volume I

2000 – Setting Biodiversity Conservation Priorities for India – Volume II

2000-Capacity Development for Biodiversity Conservation

2001 – Biodiversity Programme Study

2004 – Ensuring Biological Security

Capacity Development

Documents under Environment & Forests – Capacity Development

1992 – HRD Needs in the Environment Sector – Training

1993 – Institutional Structures and Environmental Management

2000 – Capacity Development for Biodiversity Conservation

2000 – Country Capacity Development – Needs and Priorities – A Synthesis

2000 – Country Capacity Development – Needs & Priorities – Regional Report for Asia Pacific


Documents under Environment & Forests – Forests

1985 – Forests in India

1987-The India Papers – Aspects of NGO Participation in Social Forestry – UN NGLS

1998 – Report of the Working Group on Prospects of Making Degraded Forests Available to Private Entrepreneurs

2002-Forests and Allied Matters in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Vol-I – Report for the Supreme Court

2004-Report on the Vasant Kunj Ridge & Forest Area

2008-The Forest Rights Act 2007: Implications for Forest Dwellers and Protected Areas

Relevant Unpublished/Out-of-print Documents by Other Authors

1990-Report of the Duleep Matthai Chaired Committee on Forestry in India

Natural Resources Accounting

Documents under Environment & Forests – Natural Resources Accounting

1992 – Socio Economic Costs of Environmental Degradation- Some Policy Issues

1993-Eco-Funds – Budgeting for Environment

2000 – Marketing the Environment

2001 – Natural Resource Accounting and Budgeting – An Alternate Methodologys

2001 – Some Thoughts on Consumption Patterns


Documents under Environment & Forests – Planning

1990 – Approach to Environment and Forests

1993-Planning for Environmental Sustainability

1993 – Planning for Environmental Sustainability

1996-Conserving Ecologically Fragile Ecosystems – Report of the Task Force

1998-Report of the Working Group on Privatisation of Forests

2000 – Environmental Conservation Laws in India

2001 – Some Thoughts on Consumption Patterns

2006- Report of the Task Force on Governance, Transparency Participation, and Environmental Impact Assessment in the Environment and Forest Sector For the XI Five Year Plan

2007- Report of the Planning Commission Task Force on EIAs

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