People’s Participation

Documents under People’s Participation

1987-The India Papers – Aspects of NGO Participation in Social Forestry – UN NGLS

1995- Integrated Conservation Development Projects for Biodiversity Conservation-The Asia Pacific Experiance.

1999- Dams and People’s Participation

2000- Strengthening Conservation Cultures-Local Communities & Biodiversity Conservation

2001- Alternatives & Options – TC Modalities Under Scrutiny

2002- Technical Cooperation and Stakeholder Ownership

2002 – Technical Cooperation and Stakeholder Ownership

Correspondence and documents related to the Narmada Action Plan and the Narmada Bachao Andolan

1988-1993-file1 kv-narmada -correspondence and documents

1988-1991-file 2-kv-narmada-correspondence and documents

People’s Participation :

Relevant Unpublished/Out-of-print Documents by Other Authors

1987 – Record of Discussion on Role of NGOS in Wildlife Conservation in India

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