Search Filters


Given below is a list of all those (except Shekhar Singh) who have contributed to the documents depicted in this website, as authors or editors, singly or jointly, and as members of the research team, the administrative team, or of committees or groups. The list includes, against the name of each contributor, the title(s) of the document(s) that they have contributed to, the year of publication of the document, and a weblink to download a copy of the document.

You can search for the name of any contributor by typing in the name (surname, first name, or both) into the box next to the search button. Automatically the name along with the names, years, and weblinks of all the documents they have contributed to will appear below. Similarly, you can type the year and all the documents published in that year will get listed, along with contributors and weblinks.

You can also search for keywords in the titles of documents. Therefore, if you want to identify all the documents that have the term “protected areas” in their title, you can type the term in the search box and all such titles get listed along with the related information.

If you want to search for a term within a document, you need to first download that document and then press control + F key and then type in the term in the search box that appears.

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